Monday, June 21, 2010

Typical crowded hotel room

This is what most of our hotel rooms look like, with five beds crammed into one room. Beds become chairs, wrestling mats, card tables, picnic blankets, etc, etc. Everyone has to learn to keep their clothes organized in a very small space, and shoes have to go under beds. If you need private space you simply jump on your bed! This is our hotel in Schoonhoven, where we stayed for two nights. I left Rob and the kids here to veg. while I went to church Sunday morning. I attended the Herevormed Church in Schoonhoven and sat with the DeRuiters. They had a guest preacher and his sermon was exactly 55 minutes long; I timed it! I will never again think a 20 minute sermon is long. The minister preached on Acts 8, and I can tell you his point, because he made it at least 10 times. Good for me, because I only understood about 50%, so by the end, I got it. They were very kind and officially welcomed our family to Holland at the beginning of the service, and then the minister prayed that we would be blessed as we visited here and searched out our roots. Very sweet! I felt like a visiting dignitary.

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