Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bikin' the dijk

On our way to Enkhuizen along the dijk. We passed through small villages with sandy beaches, and it seemed the whole village was coming out for a sunny day at the beach. We loved the hundreds of sheep eating the grass on the sides of the dijks, and we counted 12 herons over two days. This is a perfect natural habitat for the many species of water fowl. Yesterday we biked almost 60 km from Weesp to our hotel, called Pension Zonnevelde, about 8 km past Edam. When we passed through Edam, the kids were very tired, but we had to keep going because our hotel booking in Edam had been changed to this Pension. 8 km doesn't sound very far, unless you're a tired kid who wants to stop biking. Then it is very far. Today we shortened our route so we only biked 40 km, a much more reasonable day. Mom and Dad Kloet, I realized I forgot to get Rob's cousin's information; the ones that live near Haarlam. Can you please get their phone number and address and send it to my email? Thanks.


  1. Wow - you biked very far! Tim

  2. Such lovely biking paths! NIce not to be whizzing past cars, stores, busy-ness!