Saturday, February 6, 2010

This is Bettie finally adding to this blogspot!

I am excited about getting the plans in place for this trip, and I'm already getting my legs in shape for the cycling. I'm teaching three spinning classes a week and imagining tulips and cafes and canals along the way. Actually, this week my spinning class "went to Greece" and we slathered our way up Mt. Olympus. Holland should feel pretty tame by comparison. I'm also excited about reducing my body size somewhat before this trip so the pedalling will feel way easier.

February blues

Well it's February 6, 2010 and I've cycled 3 times outside this week. Now there's a cyclist that can't wait until spring.

Bettie has contacted her uncle in Holland, the one who owns a bike shop, and we hope to visit them. His son is right now cycling in North America. He started way up north in Canada and is cylcing south for as long as he can. He may acutally be in South America by now.

We are also trying to figure out how to visit Lief and Almyra. I guess their daughter, who is on face book with our daughter like every other day, thinks we're going to be cycing right by their house. Jessica hasn't told her yet that we will be 6 hours North of her.

I'm thinking of renting phones to take, as this seems like the cheapest option.
I'm also about ready to order panniers as I have now reasearched them to death. We'll be buying them from a Canadian company called Arkel.

Well hope all is well and I'll try and get some other members of my family to post as well.