Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cousin Goof's bike shop

Rob and I left the kids resting in Schoonhoven and we biked to Vaulendam to see Goof Ijzerman's bike shop , the best bike shop in the region, according to Goof, and it sure looks like it to us! Rob bought a snappy jersey with the shop logo on it. We went on to Brantwijk to have coffee with Goof and his wife Danie and another cousin Hennie. Earlier in the day we had dropped in to see the Herevormed church in Schoonhoven and spoke with Bas de Ruiter, who asked who we were and then said he had known my Opa!! I mentioned that I'd like to attend church there in the morning. While we were having coffee at Goof and Danie's, the phone rang, and it was Mr. de Ruiter checking on our family name and whether we really would attend church, because he planned to welcome us. Kind of a small world, eh?

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