Saturday, March 13, 2010

These are my (Bettie) cool new Shimano shoes with cleats to clip into my pedals. They replace my old shoes which both have holes; I've actually worn through a pair of cycling shoes -- I guess I've arrived. These shoes are cool because the top closure has a ratchet that allows the wearer to ratchet the shoes tighter (or looser) while riding. So now I have to learn to ride and adjust my shoes at the same time. The other cool thing about these shoes is this: Jessica tells me they make my huge feet look smaller. Me...small slender feet? I don't think that's been said about my feet since 1972. So now the question: how many pairs of shoes does one need to cycle-tour through Holland? One pair of cycling/walking shoes and one pair of flip flops? Not sure.

Elaine at Pieriks has been very helpful in planning the gear for this trip. They get kind of excited when we walk in, probably because they know we are going to drop some serious coin on the counter. All the staff in the bike shop ask the kids questions about their packing, bike clothes and gear, and it's fun to hear the kids thinking through some of their answers, especially when they get beyond "I dunno".

Getting the gear ready...
Rob was busy today adding front panniers to his touring bike, so he will be able to carry four pannniers full of stuff. The front racks needed a small modification (think saws and files) but in the end it worked out beautifully. Note the Pieriks Cycle logo on the water bottle.