Sunday, June 6, 2010


We had a rest day in Weesp on Friday so we cycled to Muide and had a tour of Muideslot, a 700 year old castle, surrounded by a real moat and a dijk. We met the castle falconer Angelique and four of her birds of prey, and we had a guided tour of the old castle (in English, conveniently). Following the tour, we had a nice dinner of chicken and croquettes at an outdoor cafe by the locks. While we were sitting there, a tall ship full of loud Dutch tourists came through the lock and we were treated to some lovely singing (some sort of pick-up song for the meisjes, girls, on the side). By the time we biked back to Weesp, everyone was ready for bed!

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  1. Hey Kloet family,
    We hope you're having an awesome time in Holland. We miss you here! Your cat caught a chipmunk and brought it as a present for Chloe...she was not impressed...but the cat was very pleased with it's self. We look forward to reading lots more about your adventures around Holland. Blessings,
    The Schotsmans
    P.S. Bettie, the Sunday School graduation was very special. I know a lot of your hard work went into that...thank you!