Monday, June 14, 2010

Cool stretch bikes

We've seen many different types of bicycles, but this is one of my favourite designs. A child seat on the back, and room for several more children plus groceries in the front box makes this a vehicle that could replace a car. We've even see super stretch bikes with two child seats on the back and another on the bar in front of the cyclist. We've also seen several cyclists with a child standing on the back rack and loosely holding onto the parent's shoulders. No helmets of course. We've seen not one bicycle collision; everyone seems to understand these mysterious traffic laws. The closest we came to a collision was this morning on our bike ride when Rob and I missed a traffic light and rode into a stream of cycling traffic and got loudly sworn at by an angry Dad, with his small daughter glaring at us from her little seat behind him. Oh, and also the time I was studying my GPS and looking at the next turn and didn't realize I was on the left side on the bike path. I got called at "trut" by that angry cyclist. So much to learn. Oh, all the great photos are by Rob.

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