Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Second breakfast, picnic style

Our daily schedule when we travel looks like today;
breakfast at 7:30 in our place, this time it was a B&B in Leiden,
on the road by 8:30,
stop in the next town after 9:00 to pick up groceries for lunch,
find a picnic spot by 10:00 for sandwiches and snacks
(notice the great sneeze shot of Matthew?)
find a rest spot at 11:00, usually with a stroop waffle snack
stop for lunch at 12:00, today it was at a beach just outside Delft. (the funny part about the beach was the fact that it was a nude beach, normal for Holland, not so normal for my surprised kids....naked Opas and Omas...not so pretty.)

1 comment:

  1. yikes...naked opa and oma..oh dear, that's not a pretty picture. Glad to hear that none of you have driven off into the canal yet....just so you know, your kitty brought another present for Chloe...a dead mouse this time. I wish my family would bring me home gifts to show their appreciation...okay, maybe not a dead mouse or chipmunk. We continue to enjoy your updates and keep you in our prayers. Blessings, Sharon