Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anneke's awesome Dutch hospitality

Today we experienced one of those delightful moments of grace! We were biking along, about halfway to Weesp, and starting to think about finding a place for lunch. We overtook a female cyclist, and, no surprise at all, I started chatting with her. When she found out we were vacationing, she invited us to follow her to her campsite to have tea with her. So we agreed, and biked with her to her campground, where her caravan was permanently parked. The dock was on a beautiful body of water, and she made us feel right at home. We set out our picnic lunch, and Anneke brought out lemonade and other cold drinks and tea, and even cooked up a batch of delicious sausages for us. The kids fed the ducks and cooled their feet in the water. To receive the gift of hospitality is always a pleasure, but to have it so kindly offered by a stranger is an enormous gift. Rob and I agreed that we will strive to live our lives more like Anneka, and seize every opportunity to offer our hospitality to potential new friens! Thank you Anneka!

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