Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dutch Language Training

Language training has begun! Every day, the kids and I log onto our Rosetta Stone program and do a lesson in speaking Dutch. So far, we are still in "hij eet, sij eet, etc". Now the kids call me the "Vrouw". Since I never learned to read and write Dutch, I am finding the program very fun. I am also trying to throw in some everyday Dutch, like "Het melk is op de taffel". I even tried to compose my own Dutch email to my cousin Ria VanGils in Noordeloos this week. I hope she could understand my writing! Maybe I need to accelerate through some writing lessons.
Bike training is going well so far. Each week we are getting the kids out twice and covering ten to 15 kilometers each time. We've passed sixty kilometers so far. My job this week-end is to make a chart to record our training kilometers. Our goal? Not sure yet. We will need to get in a few training rides of 30 km or more before June, but for now if we can get in 25 to 30 km per week, I'd be satisfied. Matthew is breaking in a new bike seat, and he likes it much better than his last one.

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